Demonstrating Leadership During the COVID-19 Epidemic

The COVID-19 pandemic, a once in a century public health and economic crisis, is putting a strain on every community. Residents are turning to their elected officials, and, with so much uncertainty and scrutiny surrounding the epidemic, that leadership role is a daunting prospect. We can’t shrink from our responsibilities as leaders – that is why ServLine and our parent company, HomeServe, are doing all we can to stop the spread. For us, those efforts include having employees work from home and ensuring our network contractors protect themselves and customers by wearing personal protective equipment. For you, we’ve gathered best practices from municipal partners to share. We are in uncharted

The New Normal: Re-Opening After COVID-19

As many states slowly begin to re-open, lifting stay-at-home orders and allowing businesses to begin operating again, we’re faced with a “new normal.” In this new normal, every other table at a restaurant is empty, and our hairdresser wears gloves, a face shield and smock to cut our hair. Our normal will be very different than before for an unknown length of time. As you consider re-opening your own facilities and bringing people back from a long-term work at home scenario, you’re faced with the responsibility to keep your employees and visitors safe. This will mean policy and procedure changes and reconfiguring office and break spaces – a new normal as we head back to work. As municipal lea

Aging Infrastructure and Finances

It is no surprise to local leaders that federal and state aging infrastructure spending has been dropping for years. However, communities are still faced with the issue of funding maintenance and rehabilitation – and sometimes expansion – of important infrastructure. As our aging infrastructure reaches the end of its usable lifespan and the responsibility for financing the future of America falls on our communities, many leaders are looking for new, alternative funding sources. One such source is the result of the federal government’s Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act, or WIFIA. WIFIA provides long-term, low-cost loans for improving energy efficiency at water treatment and wast

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Insurance for the ServLine program is issued to utilities and placed through HomeServe USA Repair Management Corp. (HSRM), a licensed insurance agency.  In California, HSRM does business as HomeServe NA Insurance Services (California License # 0F79326). ServLine is a registered trademark.